Adoption Procedure

The Adoption Process in the State of Florida may vary depending on the type of adoption that is entered into. For instance, an out-of-state open adoption may require additional steps than an in-state open adoption.

The basics of the Adoption Process in the State of Florida includes, but are not limited to:

Orientation: This a meeting between the prospective adoptive parents and adoption agency to discuss the adoption process, requirements, and responsibilities of adoptive parents. You may also meet with other experienced adoptive parents and/or foster parents to discuss adoption related issues.

Home Study: A home study typically includes providing specified health information, background checks and fingerprinting, providing references, a home assessment that includes being interviewed. The prospective adoptive parents will receive a list of the required documents for the home study.

Match: When appropriate matches are made, and you have made the decision to adopt a specific child (or children), the pre-placement activities and placement schedule will be determined.

Placement Supervision: After the child (or children) are placed in your home, two required post-placement visits to the home will be conducted prior to the adoption becoming finalized. The supervision period will end when the counselor provides “consents to adoption” documents to your attorney.

Finalization: A court date will be set and a judge will finalize the adoption, making the child (or children) legally a part of your family. Thus granting the child (or children) the same rights as if the child was the adoptive parent’s biological offspring.

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