A closed adoption is the most traditional form of adoption. It involves the complete privacy of both the adoptive parents and birth mother (and/or birth father).

In a closed adoption neither party has any knowledge of the other, all records are sealed, and after the completion of a successful adoption:

  • The adoptive parents have full rights as the legal parent of the child;
  • The birth parents legally relinquish all rights to the child;
  • All adoption records are sealed to protect the confidentiality and rights of the adoptive parents;
  • Birth records are also sealed to protect the confidentiality and rights of the birth parents.

The adoptive family will, however, receive non-identifying health and other background information about the child and the birth family before the placement takes place.

While open adoptions have become more commonplace, those who typically choose to enter into a closed adoption do so in order to protect their confidentiality and to exercise their full rights as the legal parents of their child without potential issues that may arise in an open adoption.

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