Simply put, a domestic adoption is when adoptive parents and the child that is to be adopted are from the same country.

If the child is born or currently lives in a different state than the adoptive parents, the adoptive family must satisfy the laws of both the state where the baby is born and the state where they reside before they can bring the child to a different state. Depending on the states, this varies from one day to several weeks.

If the child to be adopted is the biological offspring of an illegal alien, regardless if the child was born in the united states or not, as long as the child is currently in the United States, it is typically still considered a domestic adoption.

While interracial domestic adoptions do occur, a priority may be given in the adoption process by governing authorities to match the ethnic backgrounds of the adoptive parents and a child who is to be adopted. This is due to the importance of maintaining ethnic cohesiveness so that the child may grow up with a better sense of his or her ethic heritage.

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