Adoption Overview

About Adoptions

The adoption of a child (or children) can be one of the most rewarding occurrences in a person’s life… Being able to provide a child a loving home, giving stability in a child’s life, and help a child grow into a young man or woman with visions of achieving their goals and aspirations. Building Families Adoption Agency can assist you in navigating the adoption process. Please contact our office today by calling 863.937.9100.

The choice to enter into the adoption process should always be made with the understanding that an adoption will permanently affect the life of the child (or children), the adoptive parents, and any biological children the adoptive parents may already have.

There are various types of adoptions that may include an in-state adoption, out-of state adoption, or international adoption. An adoption may be a closed adoption to protect the privacy of all parties involved, or be an open adoption that allows the birth mother to ensure her child will go to a family that she is comfortable with. There are also occasions when an adoption of a relative is sought, or a stepparent may seek to adopt a stepchild.

Whatever the reason, Building Families Adoption Agency can assist you when considering adopting a child. Please contact our office today by calling 863.937.9100 or by filling out our online submission form. We can help you prepare for, and guide you through the child adoption process.